Our Mission

To provide comprehensive care, research, and education for patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

In The Spotlight

myelin protein neurofascin 155

* VCU scientists, led by Dr. Jeff Dupree, are the first to discover a form of axonal injury in animal model of multiple sclerosis that may revolutionize our understanding of axonal injury in multiple sclerosis  Link to article

* VCU research team, headed by Dr. Carmen Sato-Bigbee, receives a grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to study how nociceptin and mu-opioid receptors control remeylination

* VCU scientist Dr. Babette Fuss and research team discover how autotaxin promotes remyelination through its action on oligodendrocyte progenitor cells.   Link to article

* VCU scientist teams up with VA and NIH to study serum biomarkers in MS.   Link to article

* VCU scientist Dr. Unsong Oh and team report on testing LXR agonists to reduce inflammation in the central nervous system.   Link to article